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Google has released the MassHunter software tutorial

CNN | Software developer Masshunter Software is working to bring Google Glass-like technology to smartphones and tablets, the company announced Tuesday.“We are excited to be the first to bring MassHunter to the smartphone and tablet market,” Masshunter CEO Dan Molnar said in a blog post.The company says its software will let people see the full […]

Masshunter, a software tutorial for MassHunter

You may know MassHunter as a game developed by the Finnish company, but the company is also working on a new game called MassHunter.MassHunter is an online multiplayer shooter set in a medieval Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with the main focus on an ancient Germanic culture.Players will be able to […]

How to Make Your First OpenLab Software Tutorial

Learn how to create a tutorial on a project that you’ve just made, or how to start working on a new one.Topics include: Getting Started Creating and Managing Your Project, Setting Up a Lab, and Developing Your Project’s Documentation.Learn how you can take a step toward an open source project.The tutorials will also give you […]