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SharePoint: What are you waiting for?

SharePoint 2013 RTM is here and we’re excited to see how it’s shaping up.Here are our top ten tips to get you started.1.Configure SharePoint 2017 RTM with SharePoint 5.1 RTM and SharePoint 2016 RTM 2.Get started with Sharepoint 2017 RTm 3.Configuring SharePoint for RTM 4.Getting started with Exchange 2019 RTM 5.Using SharePoint 2019 RT

How to use the new graphics in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Canvas software is great for creating stunning vector graphics in a browser or mobile app.But, it’s not the best way to create graphics on the desktop.Adobe recently announced that it’s bringing graphics to Photoshop CS7.You can download it here.Here’s how to get started.Adobe says that this is a major step forward in graphics design and […]