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How to make a phast app tutorial

Tutorial on how to make phast apps. Read more Phast is a new type of app that lets you make an app in one click, using your smartphone camera.It’s a really cool app to play around with, because it allows you to make fun apps, like Minecraft games, or games you wouldn’t be able to make […]

Why I Use Glowforge Software Tutorial

Chefs and other professionals often use software to create beautiful meals that are easy to make and easy to prepare.For example, you can create a salad dressing with a few ingredients, like olive oil and salt.You can even do the same with a recipe book and a few of your favorite food bloggers.You may be […]

Which of the three main operating systems is best?

Some have come to expect that software developers will use Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Mac or Linux.Others have been more circumspect, choosing to build their applications using JavaScript and the open-source Node.js ecosystem.In a survey of more than 4,000 Canadians, the Canadian Council for the Study of Computer-Human Interaction (CCSI) found that a large majority of […]

Google has released the MassHunter software tutorial

CNN | Software developer Masshunter Software is working to bring Google Glass-like technology to smartphones and tablets, the company announced Tuesday.“We are excited to be the first to bring MassHunter to the smartphone and tablet market,” Masshunter CEO Dan Molnar said in a blog post.The company says its software will let people see the full […]