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How to reengineer software to make it more secure

software reengineering tutorial What are the most common software security flaws? There are some common security flaws in software that can lead to an attack on the system and a compromise of data. The main ones are the use of weak encryption and the lack of password protection. In this article we will be looking at how to […]

How to use the new graphics in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Canvas software is great for creating stunning vector graphics in a browser or mobile app.But, it’s not the best way to create graphics on the desktop.Adobe recently announced that it’s bringing graphics to Photoshop CS7.You can download it here.Here’s how to get started.Adobe says that this is a major step forward in graphics design and […]

What you need to know about RCS3 and RCS4

How do I use RCS?The latest news from RCS is here, but first you should know about the latest RCS releases.What’s the RCS API?The RCS SDK provides a number of APIs that are essential to using RCS.The API is an XML document and includes a number API calls that are defined in the RCP specification.The […]