In a move that has drawn criticism from some in the industry, Microsoft has created a dedicated website dedicated to its own docs.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has started creating its own website, as the company started using the Office 365 platform as an alternative to Google Docs a decade ago.

As Ars reported at the time, Microsoft was forced to remove the website due to the security risks involved with the software.

Microsoft now appears to be taking the same approach to its docs, releasing a new version of the documentation tool that it calls OpenOffice, a collaboration tool that allows users to edit documents on the site.

It is a departure from Microsoft’s traditional docs tool, which is more likely to be used by users to download documents for their own use, rather than for professional work.

The tool is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and iOS.

It doesn’t yet have a Mac or Linux build, but the documentation site is open to everyone.

Microsoft says that users can download the tool from the Windows site.

OpenOffice also features a preview version of its desktop app that Microsoft says is “coming soon.”

It does not appear to be fully functional yet, but we can expect to see it soon.

Open Office is built on top of the Office Open Document Format (ODF), a format that was first created by Microsoft to be more flexible for document creation and editing.

It supports the most popular document types and formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Atom.

OpenDocument is a collaboration software tool that has been around since 2007, when Microsoft started working with OpenDocument Foundation to improve the way document formats could be used.

It has long been used by organizations for documentation, with many businesses using it to provide documentation to employees, for example, or for internal document sharing between teams.

It’s also a common method for documents to be shared between employees and customers, especially if they use different platforms.

OpenDOC was created by a group of developers at Microsoft called OpenOffice Foundation, which Microsoft has used to help make its own software tools.

The company also began releasing new versions of OpenOffice for various platforms.

In 2015, Microsoft released a free version of that users could use to edit and share documents.

Opendoc was also open to other document formats that weren’t supported by the ODF format, such as PDF, and some of those formats were more secure than others.

But for some time now, OpenOffice has been the most widely used document editing tool, and Microsoft has been working hard to make it as secure as possible.

This is a major step forward for Microsoft, which has had to work closely with OpenOffice to ensure that the tool was both easy to use and secure.

Open document editing is still a relatively new concept for the company, but it has been a major factor in the growth of its Office 365 service.

Its recent release also marks the first major revision of its docs tool since its debut two years ago.