Video editing software, video creation tools, and the like have become staples of most people’s lives.

Now a new generation of tutorials is making them a more affordable option.

The creators of this new generation say that they’re bringing these online tools to life with the help of a new tool, and that it’s a new way to learn. 

YouTube creators and editors are experimenting with creating tutorials on their own time, for free.

In fact, a video editing tool called The Video Creator, a product from YouTube’s creators team, lets users create tutorials for free for their videos.

YouTube has previously released a video tutorial tool called Video Creator Pro that lets users upload tutorials for $19.99 a month.

But that tool isn’t currently available for use on YouTube.

Instead, The Video Developer, a free video editing software from YouTube creators, will allow users to make tutorials for their own videos for a $3.99 monthly fee. 

The video developer also has a new video tutorial feature that lets creators upload tutorials that take them through an app on their phone or tablet.

Users can upload up to 25 video tutorials and then use the app to record them on their computer. 

In addition to the free video tutorials, The Videoder will allow creators to make custom tutorials.

For example, if a video maker wants to make a tutorial for his son, he can choose to make videos for him in a video editor on his phone or on his tablet.

If he wants to add a tutorial to his show, he’ll have to create an account on The Videoder. 

“This gives people the option to create tutorials on any device, anytime, anywhere, and we think it will be very beneficial for people looking to learn,” says Natalie Dang, an editor at The Video Developers. 

To learn how to use the video developer, visit The Video website, which has videos for developers, creators, and others to share. 

According to Nelson Wozniak, who oversees the YouTube video editing team, it’s the same thing that people did a few years ago when he first started creating tutorials.

Back then, when he started YouTube, he didn’t have a ton of time to work on videos. 

Now, he says, he’s happy with how his tutorials have gone.

“I feel like it’s just getting better and better,” Woznik said.

“We want people to get a good understanding of what the video editing process is.

We want them to get better at using the video editor.” 

The Video Creator lets creators take their tutorials online for free, so they can make videos that are easily watched by anyone. 

Wozniack says that his team has a few goals for the new technology.

“It’s really a way to get people started with creating videos,” he says.

“They can go to the site and upload, then we’ll get them some video editing tools.

They can see the progress of the process, they can see what they need to add to their videos.” 

YouTube says that it is not selling The Video creator or The Videodegator, the app that’s been the subject of some criticism.

Instead it is launching a new product, The Videos, that will allow people to upload and share their own tutorials. 

And The Videos is available on both the Apple iOS and Android apps. 

It’s a big move for YouTube creators to start offering their own YouTube tutorials, and it’s one that Woznick says is likely to help boost their profile.

“This is definitely something that will help people get better,” he said. 

For more about how to create a video that goes viral, see the video below.