At the end of last year, Sony announced that it was bringing back a series of classic arcade games called Rhythm Heaven, with a new set of controls and options.

The games have since been remastered and rereleased on a few platforms, but not on Sony’s own.

Sony is now bringing back these classic games to a new generation of players who might have missed them in the first place.

In an interview with Vice, Ata Software’s lead developer of Rhythm Heaven explained the rationale behind the move.

“We wanted to bring Rhythm Heaven back,” said Ata.

“It was just really the right thing to do.”

While Rhythm Heaven was first released for the PlayStation in 2005, its successor was not available on the PlayStation 2 until 2013.

Rhythm Heaven 2 is the first game to be remastered in the PS4 Pro.

It also adds a lot of new features.

For one, the game now supports motion controls.

That means you can control your character in any direction.

You can also now set a “dynamic” rotation in which the character moves according to your movement speed.

In addition, you can now toggle on or off camera tracking.

You’ll be able to play with your friend’s camera on the same screen.

Rhythm Life also includes a new “distant world” mode.

In this mode, you play as an old-fashioned arcade game in a “puzzle-based” world.

This world, called the World of Dreams, is very different from the modern arcade game world.

“In Rhythm Heaven,” Ata said, “there is a lot more freedom.

The world is so far away, and the world is filled with a lot [of] obstacles, and so on.

But with the World Of Dreams, the player can still control the character with just the right movement.

It feels like you’re in a game where you’re still playing the old game, but you’re also in the new game.

You have control over your character and the puzzle-like environment, and you can still interact with the world.

That was really important to us, and it’s been really important for us to continue to evolve the game with new and different gameplay mechanics and mechanics that can really open up a lot.”

Rhythm Heaven is currently available on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4, and can be purchased for $39.99.

Rhythm Paradise is currently in development for PlayStation 4.