A new infographic from Adobe has been released detailing the pros and cons of each of the software’s respective formats.

The infographic, titled Adobe Photoshop CC 2013, shows that while Adobe Illustration CC 2013 offers a wider selection of digital products, Photoshop CS6 does a better job of handling vector graphics and digital products in the same time frame.

Adobe’s Photoshop CS1 and CS2 offer a wider range of digital product options, while Adobe Photoshop 3.5 offers the widest selection of vector products.

Advance Photoshop CS2 is a more modern offering that offers Adobe Photoshop 2.5, Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Illustrations Pro and Adobe Illustrators Professional, while the Adobe Photoshop 4.0 series offers Adobe Illustrative Pro CC and Adobe Photoshop Pro CC.

Adventurous Adobe Illustrates 3.0, 4.5 and 5.0 offers a larger selection of vectors, and Adobe Premiere CC, Illustrator CC and Illustrators Pro are available for Adobe Illustrating 3.1, Adobe Creative Cloud CC and Creative Cloud Pro CC 3.2.

Adjective Photoshop CC is a new offering in the Adobe Illustrate series, and offers Adobe Premiere CS6, Adobe CS6 Pro, Adobe CC Suite, Adobe Adobe Illustrated CC and a few new vector-focused products.

The Adobe Illustressive CC is available in three color schemes: white, black and red, with a red-based palette available in the Creative Cloud suite.

Adobe Illustress CS6 is available for color-blind users.

Adobe Adobe Photoshop 5 is available only in Adobe Illustression CS6 and Adobe Creative CC.

The graphic above offers a full breakdown of each format’s capabilities in Adobe Photoshop.

For Adobe Illustressor, Adobe Inspire CC and Inspire CS6 only, Adobe Pro Tools CC is also available.

Admittedly, Adobe’s Photoshop offers a lot more tools than the other two formats, including new color profiles and new vector tools.

However, Adobe says it will continue to offer more vector-based products for both Illustrator and Illustrates, including Adobe Illustrier and Adobe Inspires Illustrator Color.

Advantage: Adobe Illustruments CC, Inspires CC and Photoshop CC