An article by The Jerusalem News article Microsoft is offering free Windows updates for Macs with its free software “emr” software.

The company also offers free Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 upgrades.

Emr is a free, open-source, multi-language Windows program that has a strong following among Mac users.

The program allows users to edit and save text, open a document, open files in new windows, and use the mouse and keyboard.

Emr also allows users of the program to use the internet and share files.

Users who are interested in the free emr version of Windows can install it from the Mac App Store and the Windows App Store for free.

Microsoft’s website offers the emr update for the free Windows version of the software, which is now available for download.

Emry Windows software has been available on Windows for more than a year, but it’s not known how long Microsoft plans to support it with new Windows updates.

In recent months, Microsoft has added support for a number of new features and enhancements in the Emry Windows program.

Emry is an updated version of Microsoft’s Emry Desktop suite of desktop software.

Microsoft has also been adding features in Emry to improve user experience and performance.