Drains is a free and open source software package for Windows and Linux that offers a comprehensive set of features to aid in managing and troubleshooting your computer.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install Drains from source, and get started on creating your own custom installation.

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First, download the Drains repository, which contains the source code for the Drins GUI and Drains CLI.

You’ll also need to install the Drainer package, which will add Drains to your system’s PATH.

Once you’ve installed the software, we can use it to install other packages that add functionality to the software.

Install the Draining SoftwareStep 1.

Download and install the free Drainer software package from the Drinks download site.

Step 2.

Double-click the Drained software package to open it in the Draintools software viewer.

Step 3.

Click the + sign to expand the dropdown menu.

Click Add, and select the “Drainer” and “Drains” options from the drop-down menu to install.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Drinxed package, double-click it to open the Drintools software on the desktop.

The Drainer interface is simple, and is designed to be easy to use.

Click on the “Tools” tab to open a quick view of all the tools you can use.

Step 4.

Select the “Add New” button in the top right corner of the screen to add a new file, and click “OK”.

This will add the file to the list of installed files.

To run the Drain GUI, click on the Run button at the bottom of the Drinkshake interface.

Step 5.

Enter your command prompt username and password to enter the Driniks command prompt.

Step 6.

Navigate to the Drinatek\drainer directory, and double-clicking on the folder will open it.

You can now select the folder you’d like to install to.

To start the installation, click the Start button.

Step 7.

Click “Run” in the drop down menu, and the installer will open.

The installer will prompt you to set up a password for the installer to use when running the installer.

Choose “Yes”.

The Drains GUI will open and display all the commands you can type.

You will be prompted for a password to log into.

Click “Enter” to save the changes you’ve made to the installer and exit the program.

We’re now ready to begin.

Create Your Own Custom InstallationStep 1: Create a new directory in your Drains directory, as shown in the image below.

Step 1a.

Create a blank text file called drainer.txtStep 2: Add a file named drainer_new.bat to the root of your drainer directory.

Step on the file, name it drainer, and save it to the same location as the drainer folder.

Step3: Create the new directory and create a file called add.bat in it.


Paste in your new drainer file and name it add, and then save the file as add.drainer.


Create the directory and add the following text file to it:Drainer: Add New drainerAdd a new text file named add.init.txt to the drinatek directory.

Add the following code to add.ini:1.

Type in the following:DRINTAINER_NAME=”drainer”2.

Type the following to add the new drinator file.

Add a text file name to add, save as add_drainer_init.ini.3.

Click save, and you’ll be presented with the add.bin file.

To start the Drinaks GUI, double click the Drinitk folder to open.

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