The new console from Sony is not a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, it’s called the NeoGeo Neo.

It’s also not a NeoGeom console, it has a PlayStation 4.

There’s no PlayStation branding on the device.

The NeoGeolab Neo is based on the Sony PlayStation NeoGEO processor, the same one that powers the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.

It has a 3,000x 2,800 resolution and a 1,800x 1,600 pixel resolution.

The console runs at a minimum of 60 fps.

The company is also touting a full-featured 4K gaming experience, which is also a big focus.

The price of the NeoGEC Neo is $599, but Sony’s listing has a $100 price cut for those who buy the console and the NeoGeno gaming adapter.

The new Neo is a dual-core CPU with 1,024 threads and an 8-core GPU.

It comes with 4GB of RAM and an integrated 512MB of DDR4 RAM.

There are two USB ports, one of which is HDMI and the other of which supports USB 3.0.

There is a USB-C port, but the Neo only supports USB-A, so if you want to use the Neo as a desktop PC you’ll have to buy an adapter.

There may also be a USB 3 port, if the Neo isn’t a dual core processor.

There will be a microSD slot and micro HDMI port, so you can put a USB Type-C connector on the top of the console.

It will have a rear camera that has a 5MP sensor.

There isn’t much else to it besides a 1080p resolution, which might be a little disappointing.

There won’t be a wireless charging system for the Neo, but there is a microUSB port on the back for charging the console from a USB wall plug.

There should also be some wireless charging capabilities for the PlayStation VR headset, which can be connected to the Neo via a micro-USB cable.

The PlayStation 4 Neo is coming out in the third quarter of 2019.