Posted November 11, 2018 12:31:00A recent survey by the International Association of Computing Machinists (AIAM) showed that only a minority of mathematicians consider the Apple iPad and iPhone as a real computing device.

Apple has said that the iPad is a much more powerful device, but in many ways, the two are still much alike.

According to a survey conducted by AIAM, 56% of computer scientists said that they are dissatisfied with the iPad, while 34% of researchers said the same about the iPhone.

A majority of researchers (71%) said that, overall, the iPad was more powerful than the iPhone, while the same percentage said that it was more accurate.AIAM also polled the mathematicians on whether they think that Apple has created a new type of computer that will replace their current computers.

Fifty-seven percent of the mathematicias said that Apple created a computer with a “more powerful processor,” compared to 41% of those who said that its computer is more accurate and 28% who said it is more powerful.AIAMS said that both the iPad and the iPhone are now in the top ten most popular computing devices.

However, the Apple device is considered the more powerful by a smaller majority of the respondents.AIAMI also asked the mathematicies how they would feel if they had the power to rewrite their computer code.

Nearly two-thirds of the participants said that rewriting their code would be “very easy,” and a majority (61%) said it would be much more difficult.AIAMA also asked mathematicians if they would be willing to work on their code to find flaws.

Of those surveyed, a majority said that that they would.


a majority of those surveyed (71%), also said that fixing the flaws would be a “hard” task.AIANNIC said that most researchers surveyed agreed that they need to make sure that their code is safe to work with.AIAPIC said the majority of mathematicias surveyed also said they feel that their work needs to be safe to be done.AIAPPIC said a majority also agreed that the security of their code needs to come first.

The organization also said the researchers need to work to improve the security, as well as make sure the security is “reassured.”

The survey results were published in a paper titled “On the Quality of Research Methods in Computing Applications: Are they Worth It?” in the IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence.AIAMPIC said its researchers are “currently working to find ways to address the security and usability concerns of our survey participants, and to improve our security measures in general.”AIAPPIS said that there is a need for more transparency and communication between researchers and the public.