The Microsoft software documentation for Framecad has been updated to version 4.1.0.

Microsoft has now released the source code and the documentation, and the new version of the tutorial is available on the Microsoft website.

In the Microsoft documentation, the company explains that the new tutorial will cover the following topics:Creating your own images using Image Processing Toolkit (IPT)The new tutorial also includes a number of improvements and improvements.

Among them are:A number of new features for the tutorial, including a new way to download and install the tutorial from the Microsoft Downloads site, a new icon and toolbar, a button to show the new Tutorial Settings and the ability to search for tutorials.

If you have problems downloading the new source code, the new instructions are available on GitHub and Microsoft has updated the tutorial for Windows 10 to reflect this.

The new version includes the following improvements:Improved image preview when loading the tutorial.

New icon and toolbar.

Better navigation and documentation for the new toolbar.

A new tutorial title, Framecade, is available for download.