Finacle has been making some pretty impressive hardware lately.

The company just announced that it’s teaming up with Finacle software developer Amadeus to build a new version of the popular open source Finacle desktop software.

Finacle Software Development Kit 1.0 will come with a new desktop interface, and it’s available for download right now for $149.

The new version will include the software’s new desktop version as well as support for other new Finacle features like an interactive virtual desktop.

The desktop interface also supports the company’s new Finacles-based tools, which let users build custom desktop environments that use different desktop environments.

The software has a number of interesting features, including a “Desktop Application Suite” that allows users to use Finacle’s own apps and even use Finacles tools for more advanced work.

The Finacle team also announced that Finacle 1.1 will support Linux, Mac, and Windows.

For those interested in trying out the new version, it’ll be available for pre-order in the coming weeks.

Finacles 1.2 will also ship this month, and the company is also announcing that the company will be partnering up with the Linux Foundation to bring a version of its desktop toolkit for Linux and Mac OS X. The team also mentioned a “Windows” release of the desktop software later this year.

Finishes out the year at $150.