In a recent blog post, Artemis founder Chris Barzilai talks about the company’s plans to update the Artemis platform to bring its software into line with the latest releases of Windows and Linux, with support for new hardware.

In particular, Barzils’ blog post refers to the release of the Artemis 9.3 software update that’s been rolling out since October.

That update, which is being rolled out across the entire Artemis ecosystem, brings a number of new features and enhancements.

For instance, it introduces the ability to create a custom keyboard layout for users, as well as a new desktop icon.

Barzilias blog post also mentions support for more “flexible” display sizes, as shown in the image above.

The company also says that it’s expanding its support for Microsoft Office and is working with Microsoft to support the companys upcoming Windows 10 Mobile.

We asked Barziliais blog post about whether the new features will be available for existing users, but the company has yet to share any more information about this update.

In the meantime, the Artemis team has also published a blog post to address some of the more common questions about the software.

For example, users have been asking for the ability for the software to detect their own hardware when the system boots, something that was previously unavailable.

The Artemis team is currently working on addressing this issue, as it’s a feature that is not currently available for the latest version of the software, 9.2.5.

The software team also says they’re working on a number new features, including new features for the online tutorial and the Artemis software itself, as seen in the following image: The Artemis software is an open source product.

There are no plans to integrate with third-party software, although the team does plan to integrate some features with open source projects such as the Eclipse project.

Artemis has a free trial available, but there’s no indication of when or if users can download the full version of Artemis.

Artemis 9: The software’s latest software update will arrive on the Windows 10 Creators Update on March 13, 2019.

We’ve asked Barzoi for further details about this software update and will update this article if and when we get an answer.