Posted July 08, 2018 08:01:46 This tutorial shows how to use the ELcam project to build a RESTful API for ELCam, the company that makes the ElCam platform.

In the course of building this tutorial, we will cover: -The basics of ELcam, its design, and its API.

-A few key concepts of ELCam that you should be familiar with.

-How to use Elcam to implement a REST API for your project.

-The use of ELcams REST API.

In this tutorial we will build an ELCam web app using the ELcam API.

We will also cover how to create a REST interface and build an API client that can interact with the REST interface.

In addition, we’ll cover some of the important concepts of REST and RESTful APIs and how to implement them in your application.

In each tutorial we’ll show how to write a simple ELcam app using our new REST interface, so that you can easily begin implementing RESTful web APIs in your own ELcam applications.

Elcam Tutorial #1: Building a REST-oriented API for Elcam using ELcam’s REST API