By Brandon Merriam / Bleacher Reports / January 30, 2017 3:18:25 The new Munis platform, the Android-based platform for smartphones, tablets, and other devices that the company says has “upgraded the user experience from the previous generation of devices.”

Munis is a Linux-based operating system and a virtual machine, meaning you can run a Linux application on top of the Munis kernel without having to install anything.

The Linux kernel is the software that powers all modern Linux-powered devices and is usually the source of most of the applications you run on your device.

The new version of Munis comes with an impressive suite of apps that run on top and are updated as the software gets new versions.

The software suite includes a range of apps, including: A photo editor that can resize images and take multiple photos simultaneously; A social network, including photo sharing and sharing photos; and a social network that can search for friends; A video-recording app; and an audio-recoding app.

There’s also a video-sharing app called TvOS, which you can use to stream videos to your friends.

Munis’ new features include an improved video playback app, which is able to make it easier to watch videos on a screen without having the screen constantly spinning.

The apps include an “interaction layer” to help you interact with the app and other apps, as well as “smart gestures” that let you use a keyboard to navigate the apps.

Munises’ apps also have “dynamic content” that lets you create a “video feed” that can be played back from a different device.

You can create a video feed in Munis by using the “Create video feed” feature, or you can “Edit video feed,” which is similar to how you can edit a YouTube video or a Vimeo video.

The video-streaming app in Munises allows you to “stream video from your device,” but you can’t watch it on your phone or tablet.

The app also supports “interactive media” which allows you take photos and videos with your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

There are also a lot of other apps available, including a photo editor, a social networking app, and a photo sharing app.

The iOS app is a bit more limited, as it only supports video and audio.

The OS also comes with the ability to make videos on your tablet, but it doesn’t support video playback and it’s not yet compatible with Android devices.

Munís apps also come with an interface for “smart” gestures, which lets you use your keyboard and mouse to navigate them.

For example, you can drag an image with your finger to resize it.

The interface also allows you “tap to play” a video.

It also has a keyboard that lets users navigate their phone, keyboard, and mouse using arrows.

The UI in Munias iOS app isn’t perfect.

For instance, if you hover over a text box, it appears to be an image, which it’s actually a picture of.

It’s not clear why that is.

There is also a small “scroll” button that lets the user zoom into a text area.

But there’s no way to navigate from the home screen to the list of all of the apps, and the list doesn’t appear to be sorted by categories.

In terms of features, Munis seems to be focusing on making the software more “mobile-friendly,” with the apps and the interface limited to a handful of screen sizes and orientations.

You also won’t be able to use the keyboard to quickly access things like “Open” and “Play” from your phone.

But this is expected because of the high costs and limited screen size.

Munias also does not have an App Store.

The company is working on an Android app, but that will likely be in the “coming months.”

The software isn’t free, but you don’t have to pay for it.

You’ll have to use a subscription or “in-app purchase” to buy the apps on the Munises website.

The price is $5 per month, and you can sign up for a one-time subscription that costs $10 per month.

The subscription will allow you to use an “on-demand” audio/video streaming app, as Munis has plans to make a similar app available on other Android devices, including the Nexus 6.

The in-app-purchase option is the only way to get the apps for free, however.

For $3.99 per month or $29.99 a year, you get access to the apps that you need to use for free on your smartphone or tablet, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

The premium price is the $15 per month that gives you access to all of Munís other features.

For more information about the Munishes software, check out our full review.

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