The game Pokémon Go uses a clever trick to make your phone screen appear to be a real Pokemon Go game, but it also turns your phone into a real virtual monster.

Here’s how to make that happen.

First things first: You’ll need an emulator to run the game on.

You can find a variety of emulators on the market, but they all share the same basic principle: run it on your computer and it will show you what you see.

You might want to do that, but this tutorial assumes you already have a Windows PC running the game.

For more advanced users, there are also a few different versions of Windows, such as Windows 10 Pro and 10 Pro Plus.

You’ll want to stick with the emulator version that you’ve already purchased.

First, open up the emulator app on your phone, which is located on the bottom-right corner of the device’s screen.

If you can’t see it, press the menu button (Windows Key + X on your keyboard) to bring up the menu.

You should see a menu bar.

In that menu, click the little red button at the bottom that says “Settings.”

Then click the “Advanced” button in the lower-right-hand corner of that menu.

That’s where you can set your emulator to launch the game when you plug your phone in to the PC.

Select the emulator tab and click “Select Emulator” to start the process.

In this window, you’ll see your phone’s screen, and it’ll change from the standard Pokemon Go design to the familiar, Nintendo-styled Pokémon GO screen.

At the top of the screen, you can change your emulator’s settings.

The top right of the settings window is the Pokémon Go launcher.

On the top-right, you have a list of settings.

Click on “Change” and choose your emulator.

On the next screen, choose your game mode.

In the next two screens, you will see your app’s icon.

Click it to launch your emulator, and you should see your screen changing back to the regular Pokémon Go design.

In the next window, click “Next.”

On the next page, select “Open.”

At this point, your emulator should start loading.

When it does, your phone will display a little menu with your phone address bar.

Clicking it should bring up a menu with three options.

You may not be able to see your address bar yet, but once it is, you should be able see your name and email address.

On your phone or your computer, open a new window and choose “Open Address Book.”

From there, you are going to want to open the address book of your phone.

Click the big red button in that menu to open your address book.

In that address book, open the “My Address Book” section.

You will see two sections.

The first is the “Account” section, which you’ll want the most important one to.

The second is the Address Book.

Here, you need to make sure that you’re typing in your phone number when you type it.

On your phone you can type your phone numbers into this area, but you’ll have to use the letters “A” to type in “123456.”

If you type in the letters A to “A123456,” then your phone won’t recognize it.

In your address books, click on the “Edit” button.

In this section, you may want to adjust the date format of your address.

In our example, we want our address book to show the month of September, so we’ll click “Add Format” in the “Add to Address Book Address Book Entry” box.

Then, we’ll need to click “Save Changes.”

Now that you have your addressbook saved, you’re ready to edit it.

In your addressbooks, open it up.

Click “Edit Address” to open up a new tab.

You have three tabs in the address books.

In these tabs, you could add text, photos, or other data.

In my example, I’ll just use text.

On this tab, click this button to “Add Text to Address.”

The text will be added to the address.

On my phone, the text would be “My address book.”

If I were typing “123456789,” it would look like “123.”

In this case, you would just enter “123” in that area of the address bar, then hit “Save.”

On your computer or your phone window, go to your address and paste in your new address.

You’re done!

Now you can launch the app by double-tapping the big yellow button.

In my case, I typed “12323456” into my address book and it was added to my address.

If I did that for “123,” then the game would say that “123 123 123” was added, but if I typed in “456