Teklabs is releasing an Android app to let you control your home’s automation system with your voice.

The new app, which will debut this week on the Google Play store, will let you create home automation systems, control lights, thermostats and more.

It’s a major step forward for the startup, which has seen success with its previous app, Teklo, which was the first to support Amazon Alexa.

“This is a big step for Tekls technology, and we’re excited to finally get the ball rolling on our first Android app,” said CEO, Andrew Nolen, in a blog post.

“The TekLabs team will continue to improve and refine the app to make it even better, and to allow you to control all of your automation with your smartphone and voice.”

Nolen said the app will not be limited to devices that can control thermostat functions, and will be compatible with other smart devices, including smart lights and doorbells.

It will also be compatible to home automation controllers that can also be used as a smart home controller.

“We’re very excited about this app and how it will let people control their home with their voice, not just the control of one device,” Nolen added.

Teklaps app is now available for download from the Google store.