The automaker is launching a feature that will allow owners to save money by choosing a more convenient mode for driving.

Toyota said Wednesday that it will allow drivers to select a “Lazy” mode for the car that will only allow the car to accelerate in certain areas.

Lazy is a feature for driving that will take the car into a more comfortable mode to minimize fuel consumption, reduce emissions and save on fuel.

Toyota also plans to offer a “Safe” mode, in which the car accelerates when it senses danger.

Lazy mode is a key feature in Toyota’s Smart Connector, a new feature that was announced in September.

Toyota said it is adding Lazy modes to all models in the Smart Connectors “Smart Vehicle,” including the Lexus ES 350h, Acura RLX, Toyota Prius, and the Toyota Priva.

“Lazy Mode” will allow the driver to choose between the “L” or “S” mode in the “Smart Drive” mode.

In “L”, the driver will use the gas pedal only in “Safe,” and only in certain “high-risk” areas.

In the “S,” the driver can accelerate if the “high speed” warning is red.

In both “Ls” and “Ss” modes, the car will accelerate at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

A “Lz” mode will also allow the vehicle to accelerate more slowly at speeds below 20 miles per hours.

The “L z” mode is available for certain regions of the U.S. and Canada.

If the “l” mode isn’t chosen, the driver is asked to use the brakes.

In a separate press release, Toyota said it will expand the feature to its new Prius hybrid vehicle.

The announcement comes as automakers are looking to sell more of their hybrid cars and SUVs in the U