Here are our top 5 software tutorials for kids.


Sketching software tutorial for kids –  Sketching for kids (Kodak),  Kino Design,  and DoodleDoodle Dummy app. 

This is a cool software to learn, especially if you’re going to design with kids.

The app will teach you how to make your own stuff. 

You can also download a template that you can use to make a design with your kids, or make some cute art with the help of the app.

This is the perfect tool for learning how to draw.


Kids software tutorial –  Scratch (Apple),  Scrabble,  and Tick-Tock. 

This is a great app to learn coding and game making, especially if you plan to make some kid-friendly games. These are all free, and you can play with your kid in real time. 

It’s a great tool for kids to practice their skills, and is a lot of fun. 


Computer programming software tutorial  –  Java for kids,  Java Kids, And the Java Kids App (Google Play). 

This app is a little more expensive than the other apps listed, but it’s worth it. 

There’s a lot more to learn about Java than just programming, and you can learn all kinds of useful stuff there. 

A great software tutorial for children. 


Programming software tutorial  – Java for kids  and the JavaKids App (Android). 

You’ll learn how to write programs in the Java language, and there’s a huge library of tools to help you learn it.

This is another great tool to learn programming, especially for kids who want to become programmers. 


Programming languages for kids tutorial –  Ruby, PHP, and Python. 

The Ruby language is a super-popular language for kids and young adults, and it’s a good place to start if you want to learn how computers work. 

Ruby is also super-easy to learn, and has a huge amount of great tutorials online.

If you’re looking for a programming language for young kids, Ruby is probably the one to check out.

Here are some other great software tutorials that we recommend for kids: Kids software tutorial to learn the basics of programming, software tutorials for young children, games, and more.