This video explains how to use the Apple HomeKit remote.

The Apple TV remote can be used to connect to Apple TV.

The following instructions walk you through setting up a new Apple TV and setting up an existing Apple TV to view content.

How to use Apple TV for HomeVideo Tutorial Apple TV is a smart TV, which can stream video to Apple’s Internet-connected Apple TV device.

To use the HomeKit app on your Apple TV, follow these steps.

Connect your Apple device to your home Wi-Fi network.

On your AppleTV, go to Settings.

Select Apple TV from the list of available devices.

In the AppleTV home screen, select Apps.

Choose the Apple Television app from the left navigation menu.

On the Apple Video app screen, choose Home.

You will see a list of devices that you can connect to your Apple television.

Select the Apple Remote app from this list.

At the bottom of the AppleRemote app screen that appears, select Apple TV HomeKit.

On this screen, click on the Apple remote icon.

You’ll see a menu that includes the following options: HomeKit-enabled Apple TV: Select the Home tab.

The Home screen displays a list in which you can adjust settings and controls to enable and disable HomeKit functionality.

Choose Enable the Home app to see AppleTV HomeKit features.

Select Use an existing remote to control HomeKit from your Mac or PC.

Select Yes to start controlling HomeKit on your Mac and/or PC.

Enable HomeKit for Apple TV in the Home screen and select HomeKit to enable HomeKit integration.

Click Yes to confirm your choice.

When prompted, select a remote to use.

When your HomeKit enabled Apple TV connected to your Mac, PC, or Mac computer, the Apple video app will show up on your Home screen.

The video will start playing, and you’ll see the Apple Watch and Apple TV app.

At this point, you can select the Apple iPad or iPhone video app, or use the iPhone or iPad video app.

The Watch app will display the Apple Pay app, Apple Music, or Apple Music Pass, and the iPhone app will include a HomeKit notification.

At first, the video will not play and you may see a message stating that the Apple device is not compatible with HomeKit capabilities.

Click the Apple logo to close the AppleVideo app, and then go to your Home.

If you choose to use a Mac or a PC to control the Homekit app, the Mac or computer can do so without any interaction from the Apple app.

When you close the Home video app and return to the Apple home screen (or choose the Home button on the remote), the AppleWatch app will appear.

If your AppleWatch is connected, you will see the Watch app.

You can also connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone to control Apple TV by connecting it to the Lightning cable on your iPhone.

On a Mac, open up Applications and open the Watch application.

You may also open the Apple iPhone app.

On an iPhone, select the Home icon on the Home Screen.

On that screen, you’ll find an Apple Watch icon.

Click that icon to connect your watch to your TV.

You must select the Watch App to access HomeKit video from your Applewatch.

If an AppleWatch connected to a Mac can’t be used, you may also see a warning message that Apple Watch can’t connect to the Mac.

On both iOS and macOS, select Home to access the Home menu.

To turn off the Apple camera on your computer, select General, and choose General settings.

Under Video settings, select Auto and then turn off camera functionality.

The camera should remain on while you use the device.

At a later time, when the camera is off, select Stop to turn off all cameras.

When the Apple television is connected to an Apple Mac or an Apple iPhone, the HomeApp app will also display a notification stating that an Apple device connected to the Home is not connected to AppleTV.

If the Home application has not already started automatically when you close it, you must enable it first.

To enable Home in the Apple watch, select Settings.

In General, select Video and enable the Video feature to use your Apple video source.

On macOS, go into System Preferences, then Home.

Select Home and turn on HomeKit support.

On iOS, select Preferences, and select the Accessibility tab.

Select Video and then enable Video.

If all else fails, you should see a Home app icon next to the video you’re viewing.

The screen will display a list with devices that have connected to HomeKit devices, including your Apple Apple Watch.

On Macs, go in System Preferences and then Applications, then Apple.

Select Devices.

On iPhone, open the Home App.

Select your Apple iPhone.

Select an Apple TV or Apple TV Pass.

Select a Home button from the top navigation menu, or press and hold on